Installing a 2003-2005 Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery.

Installing the battery
I1. Ensure the 12V battery under the hood has been disconnected for at least five minutes and then remove the battery lid. Test the voltage at the cables marked + and -. If you read more than 12V, put the cover back on and contact us. HCH I
I2. Lift the battery into place and install the four 12mm bolts. Put all four in a few turns and then tighten all four. HCH I
I3. Install this 10mm bolt and clip. HCH I
I4. Connect this plug. HCH I
I5. Slide it onto the clip until it clicks. HCH I
I6. Attach the grounding wire. HCH I
I7. Connect this cable and clip it in place. HCH I
I8. Connect the + and - cables and these three connectors. HCH I

Closing the cover
C1. Put the cover back on. Make sure to get the tabs in the holes when reinstalling the cover. HCH I
C2. Install the Torx T-30 bolts. The cover must form an airtight seal, so all the bolts must be installed. HCH I
C3. Install the little black clip next to the switch. HCH I
C4. Pull off the red safety guard, turn on the switch and reinstall the guard. Then close the hatch. HCH I
C5. Slide the seatbelt tongues all the way up to the top of the belts. Reinstall the seatback. You may have to press toward the back of the car to engage the three hooks into their holes. Then slide the seatback down toward the floor until it is in place. HCH I
C6. Install the two bolts at the lower corners of the seatback. HCH I
C7. Install the lower cushion taking care to get the seat belt buckles above the seat. Press down until they click to lock them in place. HCH I
C8. Reinstall the one or two (depends on year) 10mm bolts that hold the seat cushion in place. HCH I
C9. Reconnect the 12V battery. Start the car and hold the idle at 3000-3500 rpm. You will see 4 bars of charge. After 45-75 seconds the lights will go out. Let go of the throttle and wait another minute as the battery gauge fills. HCH I

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